Kusaka Lab.

We, Kusaka Lab., are conducting research to explore the beginning of the universe, nature of gravity, and invisible particles through observing cosmic microwave background (CMB).

Why and how did our universe begin? How has it evolved? These are the key questions in our research. We are exploring answers to these questions through observing the universe. We welcome energetic students and researchers who are interested in joining our group to conduct this research together.

Main focus of our research is to investigate the early universe and its evolution through observation of CMB, which is the light from the Big Bang. We conduct observation primarily in the Atacama desert of northern Chile.  Our group participates in international collaborations in the forefront of the field, such as POLARBEAR, Simons Array, and Simons Observatory. We develop and deploy telescopes, perform observation, and analyze data from these experiments.

Development in experimental physics is, at the same time, development to make new measurements using cutting-edge experimental methodology and technology. In our group, we develop highly sensitive receivers using superconducting technology that operate at cryogenic temperatures, some lower than one degree above absolute zero, and data analysis using the high performance computation systems (HPC).  Taking advantage of these new technologies, we aim to uncover the mysteries of the universe.